3D Printing from AutoCAD Civil 3D

August 08, 2017 By Scott Kraner Leave a comment

To prepare Civil 3D objects for 3D printing, you need to install Autodesk Print Studio.  Installation of Autodesk Print Studio is easily accomplished by selecting Print Studio from the 3D Print panel of the Output ribbon or by selecting the Print option from the Application Menu, then selecting 3D Print.  A dialog box will appear with the option to install if the program is not currently installed on your computer.  The software and its drivers are easily installed by following the prompts throughout this process.  Below is a link to an Autodesk Help Video that demonstrates the entire process:


After installation, the first time you select 3D Print, a dialog box (shown below) appears with the option to learn about preparing a 3D model for printing:


Selecting this option opens the following Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Help window:

  pic 2.png

Help provides information on installing and using Print Studio.  There is also a list of Autodesk-approved 3D printing service providers available at the link, below:


The following image shows a 3D solid generated from a Civil 3D surface, along with the initial 3D Print Options dialog box that appears when you select 3D Print:

  pic 3.png

A closer view of this dialog box is shown, below:

  pic 4.png

Once options are complete and you have selected “OK” on the 3D Print Options dialog box, the following dialog box appears:

  pic 5.png

This dialog allows you to connect to a specific 3D printer, select a print service provider, or create a print file.


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