Model Builder in InfraWorks 360

March 24, 2014 By Rob Wiederman Leave a comment

One of the new options in InfraWorks 360 is the Model Builder. Model Builder is a preview only option, and requires the user to agree to terms prior to access.

It is designed for the user to type in an address, or zoom to a given area in which they would like to create a model as seen in the capture below. Once you have your given area chosen, simply enter a name for model and choose the 360 group associated with your account. These options are located in the bottom left as seen below. InfraWorks now goes out to the web to grab a surface, imagery, and pertinent information such as roads and buildings.


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AutoCAD Plant 3D: Extension 1 & 2

March 21, 2014 By Paul Sills Leave a comment

Autodesk released AutoCAD Plant 3D Extension 1 on July 11, 2013 and Extension 2 on November 27, 2013 on the subscription website. These extensions fix various issues and features.

Extension 1 adds the following functionality:

  • Bill of Material on orthographic drawings (plans and sections)
  • Weight and Center of Gravity calculations
  • Project level control over Isometric Advanced options

These improvements are associated to the isometrics:

  • Better annotation and dimension layout
  • New Fitting to Fitting theme to help reduce unnecessary dimensions
  • Gap lines when crossing to improve readability.
  • Weight on Isometric BOM
  • Insulation graphics on isometrics improvements
  • Support for flanged pipe and lined pipe
  • Cut lengths for stub ins corrected
  • Numerous minor bug fixes

Extension 2 adds the following functionality:

  • Fixed Length Pipe modeling
  • Revised modeling for stub ins with correct cut lengths
  • Revised P&ID assign tag dialog
  • Improved performance for P&ID Off Page connectors

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What is Constructware?

Constructware is “software as a service” product similar to the BIM 360 suite of products. It lives in the cloud, thereby eliminating back-ups and new software installations. Upkeep and maintenance are all taken care of as part of the license fee. It is available immediately to the licensee.

Constructware is the best software package available in the field of construction project management. It is an advanced tool that is valuable to most types of building construction. It features document management, risk management, and cost management. All information is available to all licensed users. Additionally, information can be sent out of Constructware by email to anyone. Companies can also share documents via a public folder, although the folders themselves are managed by a set of user permissions. The immediate access to every facet of the project allows for better and faster decisions, thereby streamlining the whole construction and cost-management enterprise.

The accessibility of all information about a project is one of the features that makes this software so useful and important to the entire project management team. It eliminates islands of proprietary information. It is easy to learn and easy to use: if you can use a web browser, you can use Constructware.


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Meet the Woman: Rachel Wiseman Joins the ASI Team

March 19, 2014 By April Raque Leave a comment
Rachel Wiseman
Business Development Manager

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InfraWorks 360 new User Interface

March 18, 2014 By Rob Wiederman Leave a comment

This past month, Autodesk Infraworks 360 was released. The user interface has been changed to be more contextual, were each icon will lead us to a specific group of commands.

As you can see from the capture, you are given a few choices to select from the top of the screen. For example if I select the I, the following options will be presented.

From here, create and manage your model, select model features, create conceptual features, and analyze your model.


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Land Desktop like Profile Curve Labels

March 17, 2014 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

A typical request from my Land Desktop users is making a style that will mimic what they were used to seeing. The option within the Profile Line Object style makes lines that connect to the curve all the way to the PVI, having NO way of creating a gap at the curve.

The necessary look is created in the Curve Label Style, using lines from the Curve Start/End to the PVI at a percent value.


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Volumes Dashboard vs Composite Volumes

March 14, 2014 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

Autodesk Civil 3D provides great tools for calculating cut, fill, and net volumes between surfaces. Early releases of Civil 3D (2012 and back) analyzed composite surface volumes in the Panorama vista in the Composite Volumes tab (a table like static viewer).


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Tylor Zollman is a WINNER!

March 13, 2014 By April Raque Leave a comment

On February 21, 2014, Tylor Zollman, Advanced Solutions Technical Service Representative, was awarded a Bronze Stevie Award for both the Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the Year – Technology Industry and the Young Customer Service Professional of the Year categories in the eighth annual, international Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the world’s top sales awards, contact center awards, and customer service awards. The awards are presented by the Stevie Awards, which organizes several of the world’s leading business awards shows including the prestigious American Business AwardsSM and International Business AwardsSM.

Both Tylor and Justin Palmer, Advanced Solutions Vice President of Engineering, ventured to Las Vegas for the awards presentation. The awards were presented to honorees from all over the globe, during a gala banquet on Friday, February 21 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. More than 400 nominated customer service and sales executives from the U.S.A. and several other countries attended.

We congratulate Tylor on this amazing accomplishment for his outstanding work in Technical Service.

To read more about the Stevie Awards, click here to visit our website press room.


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Structure Labels: Top or Bottom, why not both?

March 12, 2014 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

During Civil 3D style set up’s I have created some complex and creative label styles for our clients. One example is a Structure labeled in a profile view that simultaneously shows data at the top of the Structure (name, rim, etc…) and at the bottom of the Structure (invert in, invert out, etc).

The apparent limitation is the out-of-the box setting for Default Profile Label Placement that only allows placement:

  • At Bottom of Structure
  • At Middle of Structure
  • At Bottom Structure

The only look that is typically possible by default look is something like this (top or bottom only):


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Meet the Man: Rich Gregor, Taking ASI to the Pole Position

March 06, 2014 By April Raque Leave a comment
Rich Gregor
Business Development Manager

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Camera Path Animation in InfraWorks

March 05, 2014 By Rob Wiederman Leave a comment

For most of you, InfraWorks is in your portfolio of products available to be used for presentations. In today's blog, I will explain how camera path animation can be created using various methods. The first method I will discuss is from a design road. After we select storyboard from the presentation tab, simply choose create from design road. This option allows the user to select a design road on the screen, and the animation slides are created automatically.

Now in my case, I have created a sidewalk around an existing body of water. As you can see from the capture below, the animation is created around the water.


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Meet the Man: Tim Van Laan Joins the Technical Sales Team

March 04, 2014 By April Raque Leave a comment
Tim Van Laan
Technical Sales Representative

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