The Next BIM Opportunity!

July 29, 2015 By April Raque Leave a comment

Did you know you can leverage BIM to reduce costs and increase productivity throughout the life of a building?

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) goes beyond the planning and design phase of a project, extending throughout the building lifecycle, supporting processes which include cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation. 

Virtually every major construction project today adheres to a BIM workflow and involves the use of a complex set of digital design, engineering and construction tools that are creating enormous amounts of data. This data is an opportunity to drive long-term value and ROI for project stakeholders. The challenge for building owners, operators and managers is how to capitalize on BIM. Lifecycle BIM is the answer to this challenge.

Join Advanced Solutions for an informative lunch seminar, The BIM Opportunity for Owners & Operators, on August 11th to learn more, as we explore this exciting agenda:


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Reality Capture for BIM with Autodesk ReCap

July 16, 2015 By Alan DeLuce Leave a comment

Reality Capture workflows, utilizing laser scanners and/or digital cameras, are becoming more common in many industries today. The technology involved in Reality Computing is expanding quickly. Along with this growth, it is becoming more attainable.

Now, Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals are realizing the benefits of Point Clouds for creating As-Built documentation on Retrofit projects and in areas where building a 3D model may not be a cost effective solution. Owners are also interested in this innovative technology because it provides an easy way to visualize and observe existing assets.


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BIM Coordination for Construction

July 15, 2015 By Dan Fluegeman Leave a comment

Just as the introduction of BIM into the Architecture and Engineering industry revolutionized building design, its introduction into the Construction industry has revolutionized the building coordination process.  Tools such as Navisworks and BIM 360 allow for coordination and clash detection of all building projects, whether they be large or small, commercial or industrial.  The question is... What do you do when the Architects, Engineers, and project site are all in different locations?


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ACCELERATE Your Business with Autodesk PLM 360!

July 10, 2015 By April Raque Leave a comment
We are gearing up for Accelerate 2015 with Autodesk PLM 360!

Join  Advanced Solutions PLM at Accelerate 2015, Autodesk's 2nd annual Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) conference on Sept 1-2 in Boston, MA. Engage with PLM users, industry execs and analysts and learn about the future of making products. 

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Optimize Your Warehouse: Slot3D vs. ABC Analysis

July 06, 2015 By April Raque Leave a comment

Content for this blog post provided by John McBride, Slot3D Business Development Manager.


What factor(s) does Slot3D consider for slotting SKUs versus the commonly used practice of ABC analysis?

ABC analysis was once considered an industry best practice.  Certainly, it was preferable to previous practices, which barely took SKU movement into consideration.  Velocity based ABC analysis is designed to slot the SKUs with higher velocity ahead of those with lower velocity. 

Many have found this method to be a relatively easy one to setup using spreadsheet programs in conjunction with ever changing database information.  Although using spreadsheets is a manual exercise requiring readjustment of slotted SKUs due to seasonality, new product mix, or varying demand, the results may render favorable savings, particularly if readjusted on a regular basis.


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Must-Know Manufacturing Trends!

July 02, 2015 By April Raque Leave a comment

The Future of Making Things is taking shape in front of our eyes. We see it every day as designers and engineers use new technologies to design, refine products, and bring them to market. Those changes are picking up speed across the manufacturing landscape and they’re disrupting companies that don’t embrace new ways of thinking about product development. 

On August 13, 2015, at the  University Tower - President's Room on the IUPUI Campus in Indianapolis, Indiana, Advanced Solutions will host an opportunity for you to engage in the future through the eyes of the technical experts from Autodesk. 

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"Houston, We Have a Problem"... Autodesk Display Issues

July 01, 2015 By Justin Eckhardt Leave a comment

If your Autodesk product doesn’t seem to be acting right, the first and easiest thing to troubleshoot and rule out is your graphics hardware.  The following procedure can be used to fix a number of display issues, including mouse trailing, objects not displaying properly, software crashes, as well as software hang ups.

First, you need to take note of the type of graphics display hardware you’re using.  Although we recommend using Certified Autodesk Hardware, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the software without it.  It simply means you need to turn off hardware acceleration to improve system functionality and performance.  This prevents the outsourcing of hefty graphical calculations to your system’s local CPU and memory.  Disabling hardware acceleration has little to no effect on the usage of the software unless you’re actually creating high quality renderings, in which case you most likely have certified hardware.

To see which driver you’re using, open the device manager, select your graphics adapter, right click, and go to properties.


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