Civil 3D: Grading Issues – Duplicate items that can't be removed.

September 20, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

In a recent update and clean up of a Civil 3D template for a client, I ran into an issue with the Grading configuration.

The issue:

Looking at the Grading collection (from Settings tab of the Toolspace) there were Grading Criteria Sets and individual Criteria that are duplicates with a dot and number (.#) as prefixes. Even in a clean and empty drawing, you will not be able to erase them. If you attempt this, you might find yourself in an unexpected software crash, regardless of the Service Pack.


The Fix:

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

1. From the drawing with the extra grading items.
2. From the Toolspace and navigate to Grading
3. Browse to Grading Criteria Sets
4. Create new Grading Criteria Set and new Grading Criteria
5. Navigate to Commands and reassign Grading Tools to the new Grading Criteria Set and Grading Criteria
6. Navigate to Manage on the ribbon and select Purge on the Styles tab
7. Select and Purge the Grading Criteria Set you wish to delete (uncheck what you want to keep).
8. Save and close drawing
9. Reopen drawing
10. Open Toolspace and select Settings
11. Navigate to Grading and Grading Criteria Sets
12. Delete the undesired Grading Criteria and/or Sets
13. Save again.

It sounds easy, but step #7 above can be quite tedious as there is NO way of easily selecting a group of boxes simultaneously, the typical Shift+Select will NOT work here. Be careful because you might remove more than desired.


This is a recognized issue by Autodesk and has been sent to the Autodesk development team.  Until then the workflow above is the only way of getting rid of the extra, unneeded grading items. 

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