Civil 3D Elevations: Labels Along Feature Lines

May 04, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

I was recently teaching a custom Civil 3D grading class where the client wanted to label a Feature Line’s elevation, at will, along the length of the line, without adding extra points.

There is NO out of the box label, but after poking around, I came up with a possible workflow:

  1. Used a Note type label
    (found in the TOOLSPACE Settings tab > General > Labels Styles > Note )


  1. The Label is configured to pull the Point Elevation value at its inserted point.


  1. Using the will work in space, on Civil or AutoCAD object.


  1. If the labels are grip edited, the original value will be held.


  1. Labels are to be repositioned using the AutoCAD move command along with the insertion OSANP


A word of caution...  Labels are tied to a X,Y,Z point in space, not on an object!  If the elevations on the Feature Line are changed or the line relocated, the text will NOT update.


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