Civil 3D PIPES:  Assigning Alignments to Structures Labels

June 13, 2017 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

Recently while working with a client, I learned about a FANTASTIC Civil 3D feature; changing the Reference Alignment directly to a Pipe Structure Label.  I confirmed this has worked since 2016. 

  assign alignments 1.jpgThe function is driven from the AutoCAD PROPERTIES Tool Palette under the General section Reference Alignment drop down. 

assign alignments 2.jpg

The Reference Alignment set within in the Structure remains unchanged.

 assign alignments 3.jpg

This is a useful tool enabling one to add annotations to Structures that are to appear in two different Profile Views when a “T” or lateral connection is made.

 assign alignments 4.jpg

It works well for Gravity parts, but NOT Pressure Fittings or Appurtenances.  One can change the Reference Alignment in the Properties tool palette, but it will not update the stationing.  The Label will always follow the Alignment Station of the Alignment set within the Structure Properties.  Notice below how the labels are pulling the different Alignment Names on each label but the station in remains the same (6+97.43).

An alternative would be to manually type in the correct secondary alignment station value.

  assign alignments 5.jpg

Although I am new to this feature, I believe it should work the same for Gravity.  I have submitted a request with Autodesk in the hopes it will work in a future release.

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