Incorporating Project Contacts on your Cover Page

December 19, 2017 By Jamie Owens Leave a comment

Q1 - How do you include your project contacts in your construction documents developed in Revit?

Many firms like to include their consultant's company and contact info on the cover page.  You can achieve this through a variety of methods.  Below are some approaches I have seen and experienced along with my thoughts and challenges. 

Approach 1 - Leave a blank area on the cover page’s title block family and then create a text box in which to type.

This approach is simple and easy but requires someone to edit text or add a text box each time.  The information is not shareable throughout other areas of the project without retyping it, making this approach time-consuming and prone to errors.

Approach 2 - Embed labels into the titleblock family with shared parameters linking into the project.­­

This method allows for the consultants to be included in the project information and extract the data in other parts of the project.  The challenge is if the cover page requires adjustment for a smaller project or a more extensive sheet index, you will; need to edit the titleblock family.

Q2 - What happens if your cover page layout varies depending on the size of your project?

Some examples of these typical challenges include a significant drawing set size, where the sheet index takes up too much space, or you want to include one of those beautiful renderings you did on the cover; you need to adjust the interior layout of the cover page to accommodate these conditions.  Approach 1 from Q1 may seem like a viable solution, but the same comment still applies to this method and not being able to use this information in other parts of the project.  

Q3 - What if you could configure your cover page’s titleblock family for the information that needs to reside in the same location, like the project title and some of the standard border information, while providing flexibility in other parts?

Approach 3 – Increased flexibility and accessibility of consultant data through multiple titleblock families. Having flexible consultant information is essential when setting up the cover page.

Creating separate families containing your consultant’s information, even your company information, or the client information allows you to move the information around as needed but still maintain a standardized system. (See Figure 1)

Did you know you can add more than one titleblock family on a sheet? Using this approach of adding additional titleblocks, is how I allow for flexibility while keeping the ability to link the information to the project.

 image 1 pc.png

Figure 1: Cover Page w/ Consultant Information Missing

  1. Start by creating a titleblock family with shared parameters. Through a series of stacked, nested labels and leveraging the visibility parameter, you can create as many different consultants as you need, with each being a unique family type (See Figure 2 & 3). When creating a label, if the information you want to use or label is not a standard parameter, then must you create a shared parameter to load into the family and the project.

image 3 pc.jpg

Figure 2: Consultant Information Titleblock

figure 3 pc.png

Figure 3: Type Properties of Consultant Information Family

  1. Load these separate families into your project and place them on sheets.
  2. While on a sheet, go to the view tab. In the sheet composition panel, select titleblock (See Figure 4).  Even if you already have a titleblock on the sheet, you can place additional ones.

image 2 pc.png

Figure 4: Sheet Composition

See Figure 5 for a cover page setup with the consultant information for an example of a cover page with consultants included.

image 5 pc.png

Figure 5: Cover Page w/ Consultant Information

Every company has different standards and how they use their specific information throughout the project.  The above approach gives the flexibility to customize the cover page as needed for different consultants and varying project size.

I am curious to hear how you manage your consultant information on your Revit construction documents sheets, so please leave some comments on your workflow. – Thank you!

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