InfraWorks: Rule Styles to Created Objects

December 29, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment



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Plug Welds in Inventor

December 16, 2016 By Brad Bland Leave a comment

Have you ever tried to create a plug weld inside of the Autodesk Inventor Weldment environment? Did you find it difficult? If so, keep reading.  In today's blog post we discover an easier way. 


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Blowing up a Fusion Design

November 07, 2016 By Craig Bashor Leave a comment


If you have not already heard, Autodesk's Fusion 360 is blowing up the design industry around the globe. The updates for the product are coming about every month and I am loving it. Fusion allows the user to do a boat load of items, from design to simulation to CAM and more...

One of the biggest problems I see with Fusion is learning all the new features that are being added to the product. You may be a user of another CAD product, but some command operations do not always transfer from one to the next. In this post I will explain how to use the commands in the Animation environment of Fusion. Download Skateboard Model


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Issue:  Creating Final Surface & the Donut Hole

October 06, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

After a recent conversation with a longtime friend and Autodesk University Instructor, David Garrigues, I decided to post his interesting insight and content from one of his previous Autodesk University classes, on FG Corridor Surfaces.  The illustration below displays how pasting EG and FG to together to create a composite surface does not produce the expected or desired result.  These results are evident only upon creation of an entirely enclosed corridor, like in a Subdivision Layout, Pond, enclosed Berm or a moat.

Separate EG and FG surfaces

Desired Composite Paste



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ISSUE:  Slow to Open Drawings in Civil 3D

September 29, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment



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How to setup Network License Manager (LMTOOLS)

September 22, 2016 By Patrick Revel Leave a comment
Todayyou will learn  how to setup a Network License (Lmtools) on your server. Please follow the instructions below and you will be on your way to using your newest Autodesk product.

  1. First you will need to see if your computer is a 32 bit or 64-bit machine (Mac and Linux users can skip this first process). There are two ways to check your system. One way to check is to click on windows explorer, and on the left-hand side right click on "This PC"(Windows 8+), "my computer"(Windows 7) and select properties.

This will bring up the Systems prompt where you will find out what System type you currently have.


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2 Days until Advanced Solutions' Future Shock II

September 20, 2016 By Lisa Brady Leave a comment

In just 2 days, on September 22, Advanced Solutions will launch the second annual Future Shock II, a virtual conference featuring Autodesk industry innovators. You'll hear from luminaries from around the country sharing their experiences in leading technology innovation who will help organizations take their technology to the next level. More than 20 on-demand and live sessions will feature:


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Civil 3D: Grading Issues – Duplicate items that can't be removed.

September 20, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

In a recent update and clean up of a Civil 3D template for a client, I ran into an issue with the Grading configuration.

The issue:

Looking at the Grading collection (from Settings tab of the Toolspace) there were Grading Criteria Sets and individual Criteria that are duplicates with a dot and number (.#) as prefixes. Even in a clean and empty drawing, you will not be able to erase them. If you attempt this, you might find yourself in an unexpected software crash, regardless of the Service Pack.


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Simulation... Why it's No Longer a Luxury!

August 17, 2016 By Nick Duff Leave a comment

Not too long ago, the cost of performing high-level analysis and simulation was a complicated and costly process, that was rarely necessary. However, things have changed in today's business climate, of being low-cost and highly competitive in this fast-paced world.  We have to be able to iterate and improve designs quickly, with accuracy, and without the burden and time-consuming nature of prototyping. Who has the budget to do that these days?  This leaves us with one alternative... Simulation!


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How Cadillac Casting became successful with Autodesk® CFD

August 17, 2016 By Kris Hingst Leave a comment

Cadillac Casting explains how they've become successul with Autodesk® CFD.  Eric Seguin, Manufacturing Engineer, from Cadillac Casting tells us why implementing CFD and partnering with Advanced Solutions was the right fit.


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