Reality Capture for BIM with Autodesk ReCap

July 16, 2015 By Alan DeLuce Leave a comment


Reality Capture workflows, utilizing laser scanners and/or digital cameras, are becoming more common in many industries today. The technology involved in Reality Computing is expanding quickly. Along with this growth, it is becoming more attainable.

Now, Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals are realizing the benefits of Point Clouds for creating As-Built documentation on Retrofit projects and in areas where building a 3D model may not be a cost effective solution. Owners are also interested in this innovative technology because it provides an easy way to visualize and observe existing assets.

With Point Clouds, we are able to update old workflows, which previously involved taking measurements in the field, pairing those measurements on paper Construction Documents, comparing with pictures of the site, and trying to remember the As-Built conditions, as best we can. Today, we have the benefits of utilizing Reality Capture workflows on projects. Reality Capture allow us to save time with fewer trips to project sites, while capturing more information in less time. Plus, we are able to achieve a high level of accuracy (often better than we can with a tape measure).

Safety is paramount for project teams. With Reality Capture, we are often able to capture more data per scan of a facility safer than by conventional methods.

Finally, the ability to share and collaborate through Autodesk ReCap 360, with all project team members and stakeholders, allows more informed and concise design decisions to be made from concept to completion. We are able to utilize Laser Scanners and Cameras to capture the environment and bring it into the digital world on our desktops, as well as mobile devices, for ease in collaboration. This is accomplished with Autodesk ReCap 360, the Reality Computing solution from Autodesk.

Advanced Solutions is now offering Reality Capture for BIM with Autodesk ReCap, where students can discuss the ReCap User Interface and the workflows involved with preparing Point Clouds for use downstream in Autodesk Revit.  Students will review the ReCap photo tools, along with workflows for building 3D models from photographs. The course showcases the process of bringing a ReCap processed Point Cloud into Revit to act as a jump start to creating an As-Built BIM Model, while exploring the options available on the Autodesk Cloud network for Point Cloud sharing and Project Team Collaboration through ReCap 360.

Once you've completed the course, you'll know:

  • The Reality Capture,tools of the trade, with Point Clouds and Photogrammetry
  • How to navigate the Autodesk ReCap User Interface
  • How to take existing Point Cloud files from scanning consultants and bring them into Autodesk ReCap
  • How to index Point Cloud files and clean them up by manipulating their appearance and omitting content, etc.
  • The proper way to insert Point Clouds into Revit, as backgrounds for As-Built BIM modeling
  • The art of taking photos and working with them in the ReCap 360 environment
  • How to navigate the ReCap 360 environment for sharing and collaboration with project team members

The class listing can be found on the Advanced Solutions Training page on our website or you can click this link and sign up, today!

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