Revit Repeating Details... Now, Say That 10 Times Fast!

August 21, 2015 By Alan DeLuce Leave a comment

Have you ever wanted to use some of your Detail Components in a Repeating Detail and wondered… “How can I create a Revit Repeating Detail? The Brick Repeating Detail works for Brick Detailing, but I need a repeating detail from other Detail components.”

Let’s take a look at creating a Repeating Detail for Steel Decking in a Roof Detail.

You'll begin by starting a project from the OOTB architectural template.



If we then create a Detail View, to add greater detail to an existing element, we can add the existing Repeating Detail from the Architectural Template, the Brick Repeating Detail. Navigate to the Annotate Tab > Detail Panel > Component drop down > Repeating Detail Component.



Select the Brick Repeating Detail Component in the Type Selector.



Place all of your repeating detail...



Now you need to create a new Repeating Detail for Metal Decking. You'll want to use Detail Components, but all we have is the Brick Repeating Detail. So, first we need the Detail Component we want to use as the basis for the new Repeating Detail. Go to Insert Tab > Load Family, then Detail Items Folder > Div 05 Metals > 053100-Steel Decking. We will select the Composite Decking – Section.rfa, and click Open.



Now we need to Duplicate our existing Brick Repeating Detail. Go to Annotate Tab > Detail > Component drop down > Select Repeating Detail Component. For the Repeating Detail Component Brick, select Edit Type > Duplicate. Rename the Repeating Detail Component appropriately for the size of Decking you are going to use in the Detail, in this case we will use 1.5 MR 20.



In Type Properties, for the Detail Parameter, select the proper Value, in this case Composite Decking-Section : 1.5 MR 20, as seen below.



Click OK.

You may need to create a new Detail View for this Repeating Detail Component, to be used in.  For this case, we’ve used a Roof Parapet Detail with an Exterior Wall and a slightly sloped Flat Roof. Now, we will add the new Repeating Detail of Steel Decking and configure it, as necessary. Navigate to the Annotate Tab > Detail Panel > Repeating Detail Component. Select STEEL DECKING_1.5 MR 20 from the Type Selector. In the detail, click to place the Repeating Detail and observe the incorrect orientation.



We will need to modify the orientation and Spacing of these components. With at least one component placed, measure the individual Decking Section. It is 6” wide as seen in the image.



We need to modify the Type Properties of the STEEL DECKING_1.5 MR 20 Repeating Detail. Select the Detail component > Edit Type. In Type Properties, modify the Spacing to be 6” and Detail Rotation to 90 degrees Counterclockwise as seen below.



Click OK.

Back in the Detail, notice that the STEEL DECKING_1.5 MR 20 Detail should now be horizontal and have fewer instances of the section. Click on the node of the detail and begin dragging it out, to create additional instances and finish the Repeating Detail.



As necessary, rotate the Detail Component for sloped Roofs or sloped Floors. That’s how we create Repeating Detail Components.


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