Simulation... Why it's No Longer a Luxury!

August 17, 2016 By Nick Duff Leave a comment

Not too long ago, the cost of performing high-level analysis and simulation was a complicated and costly process, that was rarely necessary. However, things have changed in today's business climate, of being low-cost and highly competitive in this fast-paced world.  We have to be able to iterate and improve designs quickly, with accuracy, and without the burden and time-consuming nature of prototyping. Who has the budget to do that these days?  This leaves us with one alternative... Simulation!


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How Cadillac Casting became successful with Autodesk® CFD

August 17, 2016 By Kris Hingst Leave a comment

Cadillac Casting explains how they've become successul with Autodesk® CFD.  Eric Seguin, Manufacturing Engineer, from Cadillac Casting tells us why implementing CFD and partnering with Advanced Solutions was the right fit.


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Mastering Simulation FEA with Author Vince Adams

December 08, 2015 By April Raque Leave a comment

Introduction to FEA product training is no substitute for receiving hands-on coaching in best-practices or being given valuable tips to avoid common mistakes. Therefore, Advanced Solutions will be offering a unique simulation event, Mastering FEA: A Simulation Workshop with Vince Adams, author of Building Better Products with Finite Element Analysis. 


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Meet the Woman: Raina Feeley Joins the Georgia Team

November 17, 2014 By April Raque Leave a comment
Raina Feeley
Advanced Solutions Business Development Manager

In the last 12 years, Raina has worked for a global manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement devices. During her years of employment with this manufacturer, the company embarked on a lean journey within their manufacturing process and continued into the business process at large. Raina gained insight into all manufacturing processes and was exposed to the largest challenge for all manufacturers... Leaning the Process.

Raina joins the Advanced Solutions team with a Bachelors in Business Administration, a Masters in Organizational Management with a specialization in Project Management, and a Six Sigma Green Belt. Through her educational background and her career experiences, she's been able to develop her ability to identify areas for improvement for her customers. She uses this strategy to customize solutions, in order to improve each customers process and business.


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Portrait of a Winner!

September 08, 2014 By April Raque Leave a comment

As part of Advanced Solutions' The Sky's the Limit with Autodesk 2015 Software event, we held the Climb Higher Design Competition. All participants had to do was to design a simple tree house or ball launcher (to protect the tree house from enemy attacks) and submit their designs by July 25.

We received many entries, but two stood out above the rest…

William Miller (Team M.C. & V.C.), of Miller Consulting & Visualization Service LLC, received first place for his Tree House Design, with Tom Davidson (Team Byte-Sized Solutions) receiving first place for his Ball Launcher design. I sat down and spoke with both winners and learned some interesting facts about their experience with the contest.

Byte-Sized Solutions Ball Launcher Design

How did you hear about the contest?

William: "I heard about the contest when I went to The Sky's the Limit with Autodesk 2015 Software event on June 25."

Tom: "I first heard about the contest at the Digital Prototyping Summit, presented by Advanced Solutions on July 10. The contest was promoted at the end of the presentations with a short video."

What inspired your design?

William: "My tree house was inspired by my vision to make a tree house that is handicap accessible, as well as the occupants' ability to enjoy the tree house through all four seasons."

Tom: "My 3 1/2 year old son was the inspiration for most of my design. He loves playing with soft-foam toy "shooter guns" as he calls them, so immediately I knew that I wanted to design a ball launcher. Originally, I was looking at creating a trigger-activated launcher; however, my son likes the "shooter guns" that require more interaction, so I choose to design a tension-spring mechanism instead, as I thought that would be something that he would enjoy more. As for the ball hopper and the optional mounting bracket, I added these bonus features to make the ball launcher more than just a single shot design so that the defender of the Tree House would have a better chance to defend themselves from multiple enemies (or siblings). As for the aesthetics, I had my son help point out what features he liked the most on the toys that he owns and then tried to incorporate those features into my design. Finally, as for the product name... the xTREEm Blaster just seemed appropriate."


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