BIM 360 Glue Overview

A Week in the Life of BIM Project Coordination

We are seeing an increasing number of projects where either the owner, a construction manager, or a project manager are requiring all disciplines and trades to submit Building Information Models to use in a 3D Coordination effort. Coordinating electronically is a lot easier that resolving conflicts in the field and if done properly, can save time and potentially costly change orders. If you haven't had a project where 3D BIM Coordination has been used, it is only a matter of time. Let's take a look at how this process typically works, and the advantages of working in the cloud with BIM 360 Glue.

Typical Week of BIM Coordination

In the typical BIM coordination process utilizing Navisworks, the project BIM Manager is responsible for compiling all of the various files into a single aggregate model, generating clash detection reports and distributing these to the project team. Each individual team member independently reviews the clash reports and addresses the assigned issues. Once their work is complete, they upload a new copy of their model to the BIM Manager to be updated in the aggregated model. At the end of the week, the team gathers for a coordination meeting to review any outstanding issues. Since each discipline is working in an isolated silo, the team may have hundreds of minor issues to cull through before they can identify specific issues that require input from the entire team.


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Overview of Autodesk 360 and BIM 360 Cloud Services

February 25, 2014 By Thomas J. Kemp Leave a comment

Hey! You! Get off of My Cloud!

You may not realize it, but if you use a computer or a smartphone, you probably already use the cloud. Applications like Dropbox, Pandora, Netflix, Spotify and Evernote all take advantage of cloud computing and provide not only a wealth of content, but flexibility and mobility to the end user. The basic idea behind the cloud is that, instead of delivering data and content directly to the user, the user is being brought to a centralized source for data and content.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of working in the cloud.

  • First, the cloud provides access to unlimited computing power. Need information on a particular subject? Let Google or Wikipedia help find the answer. Need to generate a rendering or do some analysis of your latest building project? Autodesk has a solution to help you with that.
  • If you work in the cloud, you can share and access your data anyplace. Stuck in an airport with time to kill? You can work on that proposal saved to the team Dropbox account or login to Netflix and watch a movie.
  • Web based applications are always up to date. If you are running an application from the cloud, it is constantly updated as the developer adds features of fixes bugs. No need to download updates or install new versions.
  • Web applications are platform independent. Your data can be access from your PC at work, your Mac at home, your smartphone or tablet.
  • Finally, cloud applications and data is safer. Hosting applications and data remotely in the cloud provides greater level of security from viruses, malware, spyware and hardware failure.

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