Civil 3D: Grading Issues – Duplicate items that can't be removed.

September 20, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

In a recent update and clean up of a Civil 3D template for a client, I ran into an issue with the Grading configuration.

The issue:

Looking at the Grading collection (from Settings tab of the Toolspace) there were Grading Criteria Sets and individual Criteria that are duplicates with a dot and number (.#) as prefixes. Even in a clean and empty drawing, you will not be able to erase them. If you attempt this, you might find yourself in an unexpected software crash, regardless of the Service Pack.


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Civil 3D 2017 What’s New: Siteless Feature Lines

May 11, 2016 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

Since the release of Civil 3D Feature Lines, their interaction has plagued us.  We discussed this very issue in a previous 2014 blog article, Grading Gone Wrong.


 Autodesk took the hint and added in the use of Feature Line styles to control the Split point resolution within the Sites > Feature Lines > Properties…


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Casual Corridors: Removing the Bow Tie

January 07, 2015 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

When the corners get tight with sharp bends, corridor sections will begin to cross one another. This issue is known as a “Bow Tie."


Once a Bow Tie is created, the corridor will not behave as expected and corridor commands will experience issues too.

You can correct this issue a few different ways:

  1. Modify frequency and sampling settings.
  2. Add curve to the bend (PI).
  3. Use a custom assembly in region along with gradings.

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Grading Gone Wrong

August 04, 2014 By Leo Lavayen Leave a comment

I was recently teaching a custom Civil 3D class that involved some advanced grading and shared with the client some tips on use of Feature Lines and Grading Objects. I was able to show off the awesome powers of features and grading objects built in intelligence. That is how grading can interact with each-other.

Feature Lines in same SITE

If you still don’t know what I am talking about or have never seen it, what I am referring to is the ability that gradings created from separate feature lines in the same site and group, can clean up when they bump into each other.


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