Using Autodesk Products in Windows 10

October 12, 2015 By Justin Eckhardt Leave a comment

Did you upgrade to Windows 10 before checking the compatibility listings for Autodesk 2016 products?  

Now, you can join the queue of folks wondering when Autodesk will officially support Windows 10. Don’t pull out your hair or start sending deep space distress messages hidden in your robot androids, just yet... There is still hope!

To get you started, I'll address a couple of typical Windows 10 compatibility concerns and status for a few different Autodesk products.


Windows 10 Support for Autodesk Products

Recently, Autodesk added a Service Pack for AutoCAD 2016, called Service Pack 1 (SP1). They now officially support both Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional Editions for 32-bit and 64-bit AutoCAD 2016 with SP1. This service pack can be downloaded from the link here.

Having had the opportunity to troubleshoot a few Windows 10 installations of Revit, AutoCAD Electrical, and Navisworks, among others, I found only a few quirks. Most of the time, the software operates normally, but in the case of Library Pathing in AutoCAD Electrical, paths for the libraries are slightly different in Windows 10 thanks to changes in the user profile. If you can find them, you can path them and they'll work just fine.

With that being said, occasionally there are machines that simply will not conform to the operating system and software combo.

Windows 10 Display Scaling

One disrupting feature happens with machines using ultra-high resolution displays. The desktop sizing, text sizing, and other display settings can be tweaked for the specific applications, but this results in very strange looking desktop and other applications. Display scaling might be something great moving forward, but with existing product it can get frustrating.

My solution is to use a lower resolution and take an aspirin. If you don’t normally get headaches staring at ultra-high resolution screens, then you certainly will using Windows 10 with AutoCAD 2016. Microsoft explains it in a little more detail in this article on Windows 10 Display Scaling.

Don’t forget to use the certified display driver, if you’re using a certified Autodesk graphics adapter. Although, none of them are technically certified for Windows 10 (as of now), I’ve had some luck using them with the new operating system.

Rolling Back Windows 10

If using AutoCAD is more important than using Windows 10, another option you might have is simply rolling your operating system back to Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you’re lucky, you can search in the Windows 10 search box for “rolling back Windows” and you will get a result if done within 30 days. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll need the installation media for your previous operating system. IMPORTANT: Be sure to back up all your important data before honorably commanding your computer to perform digital seppuku.

HappyAndyK, administrator of, shared a great article on Rolling Back Windows 10 on his blog. If you're looking for something more offical, Microsoft's Answer can be found through this link.

Messing Around with Windows 10

If you’re simply curious if your machine will work with AutoCAD and Windows 10, give it a shot. The best thing to do is test it and find out. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry... Just remember to roll it back!

For fiddling around with Windows 10 on your personal computer, I certainly advise trying it. With production machines in a business environment, I don’t recommend it, because you may need some technical support for an actual issue. Just remember, it’s basically a crap shoot. Until Autodesk releases certified Windows 10 versions of the software or a software fix that specifically addresses this issue, you might be better off using the previous version of Windows. I think Clint Eastwood said it best. “You've gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya?”

****Since this article originally published Autodesk has published an update:  .NET 4.6 Workaround for 2015/2016 Products HERE****

If you are having technical issues with your Autodesk software, you can contact Justin and the technical support team by clicking this link...

Request Technical Support

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